gsummit June 19-21, 2012

Earn Your Certification in Gamification

Gamification is changing the way startups, big brands, governments and non-profits engage and relate to their customers and employees. The first results have been so astonishing, that demand for gamification products, services and technologies is growing exponentially. By 2015, Gartner Group projects that over 70% of the Global 2000 (the world’s largest companies) will be using gamification, and M2 Research says they will spend over $1Bn annually on gamification to achieve their goals.

From enhanced incentive programs to clever and delightful re-imagining of the everyday world, the designers behind gamification come from all walks of life. Product managers, marketing strategists, entrepreneurs, UI/UX experts, HR executives, community managers and game designers all have the necessary background to begin thinking about gamification. The missing piece for most professionals looking to gamify inside their organizations is a proven, repeatable process and methodology based on best practices and keyed to this fast-moving discipline.

The extraordinary demand for more process knowledge and success led to the creation of the first-ever Gamification Certification Program (Expert Level) which will be offered at Gamification Summit 2012 in San Francisco. The content of the program is designed to take professionals with an interest in gamification and engagement science through the basics of player motivation, game systems thinking, creative design, gamification architecture and implementation modalities. It will provide a foundational education and key methodologies necessary to architect gamification for employee or customer engagement.

Industry experts, led by Gamification Expert Gabe Zichermann, have developed this breakthrough Certification Program. Gabe is the author of Gamification by Design (O’Reilly) and Game-Based Marketing (Wiley), the Gamification Master Class (O’Reilly), and a series of sold-out global workshops and lectures.  Gabe is also one of the top-earning strategy consultants in Gamification, working with many of the world’s biggest brands on complex engagement problems facing both consumers and employees, across industries such as retail, entertainment, luxury, health, education, etc.

The Gamification Certification Program is a hands-on workshop experience designed to enable you to:

  1. Understand the key and relevant concepts of gamification design, including: player motivation, behavioral economics, incentives/rewards and design frameworks
  2. Learn best practices from industry experts on the leading edge of gamification design. What works and what doesn’t will be presented throughout Gamification Summit from a wide range of perspectives – the ideal context for learning.
  3. Identify the key challenges framing the true cost of ownership and long-term considerations in developing gamification strategies for your organization.
  4. Design a Gamification Architecture – the essential foundation of any gamification program. This architecture includes all the relevant elements of the gamification program, including thoughtful analysis and first-pass design for:
    1. Point systems
    2. Leveling
    3. Badging and Status
    4. Leaderboards
    5. Challenges
    6. Rewards/Incentives (SAPS models)
    7. Testing and Iterative (Agile) Processes
    8. Virtual economies and virtual items
  5. Drive the development and testing process, identifying key resources necessary to make your project a success.
  6. Gain a composite picture of key gamification platform vendors, their strengths/weaknesses and how to choose the right partner.
  7. Have access to key gamification experts that will review your gamification architecture and provide valuable feedback/supplemental resources.

The Gamification Certification program is designed to work with your actual work projects and objectives, so you can learn how to gamify with tangible, real-world examples and outcomes. The program is designed to get you to hit the ground running, regardless of your industry focus or product/functional orientation.

Space in the Workshop is Strictly Limited – Register Today to be eligible to earn your certificate.

How the Certification Process Works

  1. Register for Gamification Summit – choose the Enterprise Gamification Workshop + 2 Day Conference pass or the Advanced Workshop + 2 Day Conference pass. Space is strictly limited in the workshops to ensure efficacy.
  2. For the Advanced Gamification Workshop, you will need to either read “Gamification by Design” by Gabe Zichermann or watch the O’Reilly Master Class Video with Gabe Zichermann (not included in purchase of GSummit tickets). There are no prerequisites for the Enterprise Gamification Workshop.
  3. Attend Gamification Summit – June 19-21, 2012
  4. Attend the full-day, hands-on gamification workshop led by Gabe Zichermann or Mario Herger where you’ll work to gamify your actual product/project.
  5. Receive supplemental materials, including technical lectures from key platform experts during the workshop.
  6. Within 90 days of the Summit’s conclusion, submit your Gamification Architecture document to the peer review panel that will evaluate your proposed program and provide comprehensive and confidential feedback. If you prefer 1:1 review, you can request that instead.
  7. After your Gamification Architecture has been submitted and reviewed by the panel, you’ll receive your Gamification Certification (Expert Level).

And, of course, you’ll have access to the amazing resources of the Gamification Summit, the leading experts in attendance, your peers and the panel of reviewers. All told, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to earn your stripes in Gamification Design, and take your organization’s engagement strategy to the next level.