Why Attend

This is the year that gamification becomes a business strategy. From seeing the excitement and exponential increase of involvement from the front lines, it is apparent that the biggest, best, and most innovative companies are adopting game mechanics. Gartner Group forecasts that Gamification will be used by 70% of the Global 2000 by 2015, spending over $2Bn on related products, services and technologies according to M2 Research. Over two days, GSummit Australia will deliver a certification level hands-on workshop, share best (and worst) practices, showcase new products and ideas, disseminate data, inspire each other and offer networking to create a more fun and engaging world. Topics covered will include gamification, loyalty, engagement, enterprise, retail, health & wellness, education, finance, and much more.

Register Now

If you fall into any of these categories, we highly suggest that you attend GSummit 2012:

  • Startup, Medium sized or Fortune Sized Company looking to stay competitive
  • Product Designers/Managers
  • UI/UX Professionals
  • Marketing Strategists
  • Community/HR Managers
  • Not for Profits Organizations
  • Academics
  • Anyone interested in the topics of gamification, engagement, loyalty or economic behavior
“Gamification has long been associated with consumer marketing, but its effects are now reaching much further – to areas such as Loyalty, Enterprise/HR, Healthcare, Education, Research & Development, and more. This year’s format and our amazing lineup of speakers and our workshop gives marketers, designers and strategists the hands-on and inspirational insights they need – across industries and cultures.” — Gabe Zichermann