Community Partners


A community of nearly 15000 experts in knowledge management from all over Spain and South America Visit Gestion del Conocimiento online and follow them on Twitter @gconocimiento


Gameskoepfe is the #1 Games Business Network in GSA. Visit Gameskoepfe online and Follow them on Twitter @gameskoepfe

Snacking on gamification throughout the day. Blog and Community around the trend that’s taking the world by storm. Visit Gamifeye online and follow them on Twitter @gamifeye


Betahaus is a coworking space. We’ve envisioned a space that functions as a combination of a Vienna-style coffee house, a library, a home office, or a university campus. We combine the best aspects of these locations, and use them to slowly build the idea of betahaus. Visit betahaus online and follow them on Twitter @betahaus