gsummit June 19-21, 2012

A Game Designer’s View of Gamification

Ivan May 18, 2012 0

Imagine you’re a novelist who has developed a way to write better fiction. Now suppose that journalists have adopted it for writing better factual stories; you might be moderately surprised to learn that it works. This is my situation with Gamification: I developed a method for designing better games that seems to work for purposes expressly not games. In this talk, I discuss how and why it is that a game design tool can be applied successfully to Gamification theory, hopefully giving some insight into the game designer’s mind in the process.


RICHARD BARTLE is a highly acclaimed game designer and professor. Richard Bartle co-wrote the first virtual world, MUD (“Multi-User Dungeon”) in 1978, and has thus been at the forefront of the online games industry from its very inception. A former lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and current Visiting Professor in Computer Game Design (both at the University of Essex, U.K.), he is an influential writer on all aspects of virtual world design, development, and management. As an independent consultant, he has worked with most of the major online game companies in the UK and the U.S. over the past 20 years. His 2003 book, Designing Virtual Worlds, has already established itself as a foundation text for researchers and developers of virtual worlds alike. Richard is the developer of Bartle’s Player Types, a seminal work and core concept in Gamification. In his first ever presentation to the Gamification community, Richard will discuss the evolution of player typology and how we can segment audiences in new and exciting ways.

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