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Behavior by Design: How to Engineer Behavior in Yourself and Others

Ivan May 18, 2012 0

In an age of increasing online distractions, companies need form habits to stay relevant in users’ lives. Nir Eyal discusses the latest in Behavior Engineering to explain how businesses create indispensable products.


NIR EYAL is an entrepreneur who has sold two technology companies since 2003. For most of his career. Nir has worked in the video gaming and advertising industries where he learned, applied, and at times rejected, the techniques used to motivate and manipulate users. Nir writes to help companies create behaviors that benefit their users, while educating people on how to build healthful habits in their own lives. He is a contributing writer for TechCrunch and Forbes and a frequent speaker at industry conferences, universities, and Fortune 500 companies. Nir also is a mentor at several incubators including 500 StartupsFounders Institute and the Thiel Fellowship. Follow Nir on Twitter @nireyal


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