gsummit June 19-21, 2012

Bing Rewards: A case study in moving from STUFF to SAPS

Ivan May 18, 2012 0

Microsoft launched the Bing Rewards program in 2010 with the vision of rewarding search activity and using rewards content to retain users by educating them about Bing’s value as they ‘searched for points’. The initial product heavily promoted earning & redemption as it’s primary value. Today the program is strongly positioned as a discovery tool, helping people learn the value of Bing, being social on Bing, all while earning redeemable points. Leapfrog’s Josh Kramer will quickly take us through some of their work with the Bing Rewards team, which over 9+ months has yielded increased user retention and higher active user engagement.


JOSH KRAMER is the Founder & Managing Partner of Leapfrog Builders, a boutique consultancy helping consumer media companies, retail brands, and online game publishers leverage the latest approaches to loyalty (in retail) and consumer engagement (in media) to grow revenue and overall LTV. Gamification is a primary tool used by Leapfrog when designing and optimizing digital offerings for CBS, PCH, GSN, and many other clients. Josh has led the development, launch, and operation of cutting-edge online products & platforms to position start-up and high-growth organizations as industry leaders.Josh started his internet career as CTO & co-founder of GoAmerica, a pioneer in wireless web & email in 1994. Since GoAmerica’s IPO in 2000, Josh has held the CEO and other senior leadership roles in product & technology at Live Gamer, Oberon Media, Majesco Entertainment, and Microsoft. Josh lives with his wife and two young children in the Greater New York City.

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