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Enterprise User Experience: Making Work Engaging at Oracle

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Oracle Applications User Experience is getting into the game with research and design on how to gamify enterprise applications, such as the company’s Fusion. Oracle’s research with real users helped them change how they design applications to include game mechanics, increasing participation in communities, increasing productivity in workers and making work more engaging for all. Learn the research approaches, design patterns and examples that have made Oracle a leader in gamification of enterprise apps – and how you can make them work for your organization.


Erika Webb, Oracle

ERIKA WEBB is a User Experience Manager at Oracle in the Fusion Applications User Experience team. She has been in the field of usability and user experience for 15 years. Erika aims  to be a bridge between the world of technology and world of people and their work. Using a combination of user research to understand the needs and wants of end users and interaction design to accomplish activities in a streamlined and intuitive manner, she works to create software that works the way people think about their jobs. She enjoys solving complex problems by getting at the root issues and applying design thinking to solve them. In User Assistance, Erika focuses on how to help people learn and understand complex interactions, in order to reduce onboarding costs, training needs and support costs. People-centered thinking combined with down to the earth approach to business and technology are the core of her work.

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