gsummit June 19-21, 2012

Gamifying Media: How Entertainment Brands are Redefining User Engagement

Ivan June 7, 2012 0

How has the entertainment and media business evolved over recent years to embrace the seismic shocks coming from social media and mobile devices?  Forget what you learned a year ago, because the world has already changed again–and there’s plenty to learn about, whether you’re an entertainment executive or would like to learn  how to adapt entertainment techniques to your own business.  Jon Radoff will share some of the top lessons learned from his experiences from working with top brands including 50 Cent and HBO (Game of Thrones Ascent): the most successful products are those that realize that games can expand the customer’s experience, creating an engaging and entertaining social experience that allows fans to stay connected to the brands and worlds they love.


 is an entrepreneur focused on the intersection of the Internet, entertainment and social communities. In 1992, he started NovaLink, an online game publisher that created Legends of Future Past, distributed commercially on the CompuServe network. Legends became one of the first independent, commercial game products on the Internet. In 1997, Jon founded Eprise, the creator of a content management system that was a forerunner of modern blog and wiki technology. At Eprise, Jon raised venture capital, established product strategy and recruited a management team that succeeded in taking Eprise into Fortune 500 customers, culminating in a public offering on NASDAQ in 2000. In 2006, Jon started GamerDNA, a venture-capital funded social media company that built products driven by real-time gamer behavior. GamerDNA’s advertising product reached over 10 million unique users per month and counted top-tier game publishers including Blizzard/Activision, Electronic Arts, Namco and Turbine amongst its customers. GamerDNA merged with Crispy Gamer in 2009. Follow Jon on Twitter @jradoff


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