gsummit June 19-21, 2012

How to Sell Gamification To Your Organization

Ivan May 30, 2012 0

During the Summit you’ll get two days of intensive gamification theory, tactics and best practices.  But how do you translate that into action when you get back to work?  Bunchball invented gamification, we’ve launched more successful applications with clients than anyone in the industry, and in this session we will arm you with the tools you need to get your management, coworkers and partners bought in and excited about gamification.


RAJAT PAHARIA is the founder and Chief Product Officer of Bunchball. He founded the company in 2005, and released the industry’s first gamification platform, Nitro, in 2007. Rajat works closely with Bunchball’s Fortune 500 clients to craft gamification strategies that engage customers, partners and employees, including companies like NBC, Warner Brothers, Comcast and Hewlett-Packard. Rajat’s skill set combines a unique expertise in technology, design and human behavior developed during a four-year career at design firm IDEO and through degrees in computer science and human-computer interaction. Follow Rajat on Twitter @rajatrocks

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