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Motivational GPS: Understanding the Science of Motivation

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Motivation is complicated – with a great deal of challenge, controversy and misunderstanding about its dimensions. Intrinsic vs extrinsic, positive vs negative – none of the research is definitive, and we’re still only beginning to understand how it affects the design of meaningful systems. In this fast-paced, essential talk, expert gamification designer Kes Sampathar delivers an extraordinary insight into how we can use gamified design to upgrade our natural motivational system from a compass to a GPS.


 Kes Sampanthar, Cynergy

KES SAMPANTHAR is Director of Media Strategy at Cynergy. Kes is responsible for leading the charge into the Media and Entertainment industry. Additionally, he is Founder and Director of Innovation for Metamemes where he created a new innovation tool called ThinkCube. Follow Kes on Twitter @KesSampanthar

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