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When Goals Become Games:Gamification as a Tool for Achieving More

Ivan May 18, 2012 0

Whether we like it or not, many of our toughest goals require grueling effort, difficult lifestyle changes and a great deal of persistence. However, because goals are purpose driven and complex, they’re the perfect place to begin experimenting with self-gamification as a means to feel more motivated and engaged with life.

Learn how one person gamified his toughest goals, and how you can build your own gamification system from scratch (with as little as a pen and paper).


 John Guerrera, CRM Coordinator at Lot18

JON GUERRERA is a Marketing & CRM Coordinator at Lot18. He is also a co-founder of WiseResume, a start-up based out of Binghamton, New York where they make it easier for students, recent graduates, and industry experts to connect to one another in a system that rewards collaboration. He also blogs about goals, success and personal development on his blog, It is through an experiment he started on his blog that he developed a successful system for gamifying his goals.Follow Jon on Twitter @JonGuerrera



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