2013 GAwards Official Rules

Please read Official Rules below for the 2013 GAwards:

Crowdsourced Nominations
Nominations are open to the public through the List.ly app embedded on gsummit.com. Any person with a Twitter or Facebook account can nominate an example of Gamification in use within the specified categories. There must be a Company, Campaign, Project, Application, Website, 0r Program associated with each nomination. Nominations must be for examples that were created or launched in 2012. GSummit may, at its sole discretion, delete any nominations that do not fall within the category nominated.

Crowdsourced Voting
To vote for a nomination, users click on the picture of the “thumb’s up.” At that time, if the user is not logged into List.ly, the user will be prompted to login via Twitter or Facebook for their vote to register. Users may vote for as many nominations as they would to, but only one vote may be counted per user per nominee.

Fraudulent Votes
UPDATED: Any nomination that has fraudulent votes (from fake Twitter/Facebook user accounts) will cause a restart of ALL nominee votes within that given GAwards category. Restart means re-listing each nominee to start at zero votes. This is to prevent cheating by increasing votes for personal benefit or for sabotage.

Official Judging
A group of judges will use the nominations from List.ly (within each category) to then vote for the winner of each category. The winner of the crowdsourced voting in List.ly will account for one (1) officially judged vote. The judged winners will be announced at GSummit this April 16-18, 2013 in San Francisco.

Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Consumer Facing Applications
Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Education
Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Enterprise
Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Health & Wellness
Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Human Resources (HR)
Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Social Good
Best Use of Engagement Techniques in Travel & Hospitality
*Greatest Impact Award

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