April 16: Advanced Gamification Workshop w/ Gabe Zichermann

Workshop Schedule – April 16

9:00 Certification Process
Understanding the Gamification Architecture

9:15 Vision: Seeing the Future
Mad Libs
Cover Story

10:00 Player Story
Player Types
– Peer Interview
– Spider Web

11:00 Metrics
Defining Engagement — E Metrics
– $100

11:15 Designing Action
Progression to Mastery
– Action Verb Choice
– Actions on the Mountain
– Actions in the Funnel

12:15 LUNCH

12:45 Designing Fun
Reverse Engineering
12 Fun Things

1:45 Point Systems
Assigning Points to Action
Simulate Points Economy

2:15 Badging
Designing Badges

2:30 Rewards
– SAPS Ideation

3:00 Putting It Together (Optional)
Elevator Pitch
Next Steps

3:30 Complete


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