Gabe Zichermann & Team



Twitter: @gzicherm
Favorite: Food
Gabe is the chair of GSummit (SF, April 16-18, 2013) where top gamification experts across industries gather to share knowledge and insight about customer & employee engagement and loyalty. He is also an author, highly rated public speaker and entrepreneur whose next book, The Gamification Revolution (McGraw Hill, 2013) looks at how leaders are leveraging gamification strategy to crush the competition. His previous books, Gamification by Design (2011) and Game-Based Marketing (2010) have helped define the industry’s standards and frameworks, and continue to be key reference materials today. Gabe resides in New York City, where he is co-director of startup accelerator The Founder Institute, and a board member of




Twitter: @stogiemonster
Favorite: Youtube Video
Kevin joined Gamification Co unofficially in October of 2010 and officially in March of 2011. He is now the Director of GSummit, occasionally writes for the blog and helps continue to strengthen the GCo Community. These are a few of his favorite things: Family, Friends, NJ, Craft Beer, Kitesurfing, Skiing, Soccer, Philanthropy and of course Gamification.




Twitter: @gamificationKuo
Favorite: MM
Ivan is the Chief Editor and content manager for the Gamification Co blog and makes sure you’re getting the latest and best news in gamification. Ivan looks at gamification with a critical eye but never keeps things too srsly. He is also the king of putting the “” in our articles. You can find him on the weekends scouring Steam for more games and DJing electro music with massive bass. Ivan is currently slaving away at trying to complete the Binding of Isaac.


Twitter: He prefers Linkedin
Favorite: Vegetable
Gary wears many hats for Gamification Co. In addition to being Gabe Zichermann’s Chief High Executioner and Press Officer, Gary is the Social Media Manager and frequent blogger for Gamification Co, as well as the company’s office manager. When he’s not writing a new blog, he’s singing choral music, advocating for social justice, and finding new ways to eat carrots.



Twitter: @taavilindmaa
Favorite: Sweets & Bike Rides
Taavi is Gamification Co’s research and development agent. When he’s not cooking delicious cream-cheese-bacon-mushroom-pasta dishes, he mediates on fruitful ideas and stories on #gamification #fun #IxD #startup #EstoniaMafia and #AmericanHOTDOGS.



Twitter: She’s not fond of twitter
Favorite: #GSD
Kari is our head of event operations. We met Kari at Jive 2011 (she was running the show) and knew right away that we wanted to bring her and her talent to GSummit. She helped us put on an amazing GSummit SF 2012 and she’s going to help us put on a bigger & better GSummit SF 2013.