Webinar Recording: Gamification & The Enterprise

Recruiting, Retaining, and Training the Best Employees HR Webinar with Gabe Zichermann

Thanks to everyone that joined our webinar on Feb 6th about Enterprise & HR Gamification.




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Webinar Recap:
Today’s employee is changing, and it’s because of games. Smart companies are taking advantage of the brilliant, quick and social millennial generation to rethink the enterprise from the top-down and bottom-up with gamification: the use of game concepts in non-entertainment contexts. From the hottest startups to the boardrooms of the Fortune 500, gamified human capital strategies are enabling a new generation of leaders to recruit, retain and train the best employees while optimizing business processes like never before. Hear the secrets of Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Delta, the US Army, NextJump, Target Stores and many more as they use gamification to lower recruitment costs by 90%, increase throughput and training retention by 50%, double employee engagement and lower healthcare expenses in the process. But how do they do it?

Behind these amazing successes is the science of human engagement combined with scalable methodology, proven design patterns and cost-effective technologies. In short – it’s the process of gamification that has become a winning strategy for these leading companies, and it can work for you too. Join the world’s foremost expert on the use of gamification and author of the upcoming book The Gamification Revolution (McGraw Hill, 2013) — Gabe Zichermann — for a data-packed, all-new, hour-long webinar that reveals:

  • How gamification works — and doesn’t
  • Examples of the best and worst gamified approaches
  • Key gamified strategies that you can use to improve your Strategic Human Resources approach
  • How to address the game-centric Millennial generation

The HR/Enterprise Gamification Webinar recording has some technical problems and we’re working with GoToWebinar to get this to you all as soon as possible. We do have the slides to share with you below. In addition, you’ll find the Gamification Webinar recording that Gabe gave on Feb 5th. It has some of the same statistics and key points made in the HR/Enterprise version and can definitely be applied to any part of your business:


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