gsummit June 19-21, 2012

The Future Gamer Generation: What Lies Beneath

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Daniel Brusilovsky is no ordinary young entrepreneur. As the founder of Teens in Tech, he’s created a movement bringing young people together with thought leaders of all ages to foster understanding and opportunities for youth. Of course, games play a huge role in the culture of today’s youth, and understanding how they think, play and interact around games is critical for anyone looking to market to, employ or design for today’s young people. In this featured talk, Daniel shares his vision of how “Generation G” will be different from the kids that came before them, and what everyone needs to know to get the most out of this exciting group of rising superstars.



DANIEL BRUSILOVSKY is the founder and CEO of Teens in Tech Labs, a company dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs by providing them the resources they need to get off the ground. Along with Teens in Tech Labs, Daniel is currently involved in ‘Olive The Movie’ as an Associate Producer, and as the Silicon Valley Evangelist for JESS3.Previously, Daniel was on the founding team of Qik (acquired by Skype), and has worked at TechCrunch (acquired by Aol), Apture (acquired by Google), atebits (acquired by Twitter), and Etude (acquired by Steinway & Sons). In addition to his own startup, Daniel also actively advises Everyme and mezz. Follow Daniel on Twitter @danielbru

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